• Freshers’ Dilemma

    Freshly pass-outs are always in a dilemma to choose the right career path and need constant guidance in order to make an informed choice.

  • Knowledge, They Lack

    They have caliber and dedication to work, but lack of knowledge about job opportunities in the market keep them at a bay.

  • Real World Exposure

    No experience of the ‘real world’ leaves them with no professional skills and lowered confidence.

  • From Deficiency to Assignment

    Individuals skilled as per the industry standards are always deficit in number. Assigning the right job to the right person on right time is an intense task.

  • Update to Retain

    In order to keep individual growth in check, industries need to update their employees’ skills and retain the qualitative talent.

  • Need of the Hour

    Due to rapid change in trends and technologies, individual skills require upgrade every 5 years to avoid stagnation in their job execution.

  • The Tough Phase

    Educated youth is not acquiring employment as per their caliber and qualifications. Every industry is going through this tough phase.

  • No Practical Exposure

    Majority of education institutions don’t let their aspirants deal with real world problems with practical means.

  • Expensive Affair

    Upgrading individual skills with latest technologies and contemporary methodologies is an expensive matter that needs financial support.

  • Skill and Opportunity Mismatch

    Government has established various skill development-oriented nodal bodies, and also assigned funds to accomplish its vision to develop India as a knowledge economy. Still, there is an urgent need to make their operations more serviceable.

  • Stereotyping Vocational Training

    Majority of Indian youth prefers conventional education over vocational training; stereotyping it as an uncomplimentary aid, not helping them grow their career further. Changing this mentality is quite a task.

  • Gap Deepening Expectations

    Graduation pursuing youth sometimes escalates its expectation level from the industries. It keeps digging the gap between what job seeker is looking for and what employer is offering.

  • Funding and Management

    Garnering funds and resources is a daunting task in itself, but their efficient management can be even more difficult. Many NGOs struggle to balance and audit their books effectively, which in turn hits their credibility.

  • Measuring Impact

    It’s always hard to gauge the efficacy and measure the impact of NGOs and charitable organisations. This can prove to be a hurdle when it comes to scaling up operations.

  • Weak Networking

    Too often NGOs find it difficult to leverage their excellent groundwork and translate it into success due to lack of networking and communication with other NGOs.

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  • Value Adding Programmes

    Our groundbreaking job-oriented training programmes are ever ready to help the students in need to make an ideal career choice. More value is added to these niche training programmes’ content with the feedback received from the main-core industry experts.

  • Gap Bridging

    We bridge the gap between job seekers and job facilitators by providing industry-specific training to one and all, and working towards improving their overall job skills from every possible aspect.

  • Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling

    To cater to various industrial needs of the hour, we have up-skilling and re-skilling programmes lined-up as per the requirement of specific industry.

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  • Making All, Job Ready

    We instil the appropriate industry-oriented skills in right candidate and make each individual job-ready.

  • Sourcing Strategies

    In order to cope with attrition, we bring our well-thought sourcing strategies to good use by providing the industry with newly skilled candidates.

  • Keeping it Updated

    Our innovative approach to infuse contemporary work skills in eager individuals keep the industry up-to-date with new age practices.

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  • Operational Efficiency Enhancement

    We facilitate eager-to-learn aspirants in a dire need of industrial training and help them enhance their operational efficiency in order to attain the employment of their choice.

  • Other Prestigious Academia

    Other than having a line-up of smart existing partners, we are constantly on a lookout for more prestigious academic institutions, who are also aiming to contribute their bit in making India more skillful.

  • Government/Private Affiliations

    Our affiliation with government bodies and partnership with major industry leaders help us to provide up-to-date training to aspiring individuals.

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  • Identification and Execution

    After identifying core team’s working strengths, CMC Skills proceeds to analyse opportunities, documenting the blueprint and executing the training plan either with the cooperation of the government or by acting as its nodal agency with proper aid.

  • PSupporting Government Initiatives

    At CMC Skills, we aim to leverage the relationship between the most important stakeholders of skill development mission, i.e. government and industry. After aiding the government in accomplishing its mission of skilling the nation, we manoeuver the procedures and know-how of the private sector in order to support the government initiatives.

  • Effective Actions

    When it comes to skill development strategies under government schemes and initiatives, we make them reach the masses in need by promoting them across the nation, with the aim that their implementation come out as effective and efficient actions.

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  • Skilled Professionals’ Aid

    At CMC Skills, we enable our NGO partners to work with CSR professionals who have extensive skills to conduct operations for NGOs and other charitable organisations. Their specific skill-set helps these organisations walk through cumbersome accounting processes and help them capitalise on their funds.

  • Quantitative Work

    Our PPP approach to develop individual skills, enables NGO employees to work in dynamic scenarios. Their skill-set helps make processes organised and streamline workflow, thus making NGOs’ work quantifiable.

  • Pan-India Reach

    Our Pan-India reach let us enable NGOs with not just domain expertise, but also with employees who are well versed in coordinating operations between different NGO setups.

Know Us

Moving forward in life, an individual need to believe in his or her capabilities and possess skills to create wonders.

Understanding this reality, we, CMC Skills Pvt. Ltd., came into existence as a reliable skill development agency to train and improve the skills of people belonging to different strata of the society, thereby, empowering them to make progress in society.

  • Educate to Empower

    Education is not just meant to acquire knowledge, instead it is directed towards empowering a person.

  • Train to Thrive

    Training an individual is like sharpening a sword from time to time for better performance.

  • Progress to prosper

    Education and training help towards empowering individuals to unlock potential opportunities.

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