Sectors we cater

Dynamic. Evolving. Diverse - The Indian market has a potential that no other global market can boast of. However, fulfilling this potential still seems far down the road. The lack of skill development in India brings many roadblocks, and has created a chasm between the number of skilled jobs available and the number of skilled workers in the market.

CMC Skills works comprehensively to bridge this gap by identifying skill-deficient sectors, and replenishing them with trained talent. It’s core focus lies in understanding the growing needs of the market and creating opportunities out of this problem. Each sector’s requirements are matched with a tailor-made curriculum that targets skill upgradation for specific sectors.

Approach of CMC Skills towards some
of the prominent sectors

Automotive Sector

The Automotive sector alone accounts for 7.1% of India’s GDP, and is said to employ almost 30 million people (directly and indirectly). By 2022, this sector will employ a massive 15 million directly. CMC Skills makes sure that the target stays on track by curating special programmes for skill development of the people, and help absorb the influx of skilled jobs. This involves hands-on training on latest machines, assembly operation, quality checking and other in-depth preparation.


India’s construction sector is plagued with disorganisation, and yet, it offers to be the most promising sector of all. Currently, it employs 35 million people, but the work is of intermittent nature due to poor depth of skill in workers. CMC Skills offers training in verticals like Carpentry, Masonry, Welding, among others, and adds a strong-value proposition to their work. It also links skilled workers with reliable projects through an extensive partner network.


The forecast for the Apparel industry predicts a bright future, with an incoming surge in job opportunities. The advent of technology means that these jobs will require suitably skilled, of trained employees. With CMC Skills’s Apparel and retail training programmes, focus has been put on upgrading skills of existing workers and targeting skill-deficient sections, especially women. The training programmes are directed towards providing efficient skill of spinning, weaving, stitching, etc.

The expansive nature of the Indian market ensures that workers have to be on their toes to stay updated with the market’s latest demands. We, at CMC Skills, take the onus from them by constantly evolving our training programmes to match the demands of various sectors.