VIT University

Wonders can be created when like-minded people join in to become the part of our journey. Our association with VIT University, known for providing quality higher education, has also been one of those types of wonderful experiences for us. Together, we work towards building the best of opportunities in the skill development sector for the masses. We will focus upon setting up more skill development centres to provide better skill development programmes with the support of VIT. By being associated with VIT, we are putting in efforts to create content of the training programmes as per the specific needs of different industries and sectors, which enhances the chances of the candidates’ placement.

Rotary Club of Madras

A lot can be achieved when partnerships are driven with passion, commitment and a unifying desire to bring about change. Our association with the Rotary Club of Madras is no different; together we are daring to make people’s lives better through critical skill-development. The Rotary Club has an established presence in global philanthropy circles, and has identified bridging India's skill-gap as the next frontier of social reform. We’ve synced our visions to further this cause, as we work jointly in developing courses to impart industry-ready skills. The Rotary Club will provide the infrastructure, while CMC Skills will curate the courses and facilitate the training. We hope to use this cooperation to empower lives, and also gear ‘Rising India’ to make the most of market opportunities in Apparels and IT sector.

MITCON Consultancy and Engineering Service Limited

Mitcon has carved a niche for itself in engineering excellence, and now they’re giving back to the society through a legacy of evolving livelihoods. Our partnership with Mitcon aims at redefining Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through vocational training and entrepreneurship programmes for the less privileged. Our cooperation extends for all Government and Private assignments, and we shall continue to support each other in furthering our mission of bringing social empowerment in India.