Impacting Lives

India is more than just a country of a billion people; it’s a land of billion dreams, a billion ambitions, a billion hopes, and a billion aspirations that reverberate the desire to succeed. Here, the voice of every Indian echoes the same desire - to tap into the seemingly infinite potential of this country.

India has only 2% of skilled workforce, which is the biggest stumbling block in its endeavour to enhance the livelihood of its people. And we, at CMC Skills, want to make the difference by adding a sound value proposition to people's working skills.

We pledge to impact lives through the following ways:

Absorbing job demand:

Around 119 million skilled jobs will be created across 24 sectors in India by 2022, with construction, automotive, and retail being some of the top attractions. For this, CMC Skills provides sector-centered programmes that enable people with exclusive skills to work in these verticals.

Mobilising Youth:

As of 2015, 30% of India’s youth was either unemployed or unskilled. CMC Skills tackles this through youth-oriented skill programmes that provide training in soft-skills from English and Computer proficiency, to niche skill-sets like Carpentry, Welding and more.

Developing Partner Network:

CMC Skills impacts lives on not just an individual level, but through larger platforms. Through its established partner networks, it helps link A-list companies with ready-to-employ skilled workers. This bridges the growing chasm between supply and demand of skilled workers.

Restoring Social Balance:

CMC Skills strives to enable underprivileged people the chance to live their lives on their own terms. For this, special attention is given to attaching dignity of labour to every vocational training programme.The idea is that with the right skills, people can grasp hold of job opportunities that don’t just pay better, but also help provide holistic development.

Reforming Lives:

The end goal of CMC Skills is to not just skill people, but to empower lives and the society. People stricken with social troubles now get a fresh start and a new lease to their lives. For CMC Skills not just educates, but guides people to realise their potential and lead happier lives through better work.